ChartIQ Portals and Widgets 2.0 Demos

Portals and Widgets are our cloud hosted and delivered HTML5 financial content solutions. Widgets are embeddable fully customizable financial data visualizaion components. The portal is an interactive financial portal built using groups of these widgets in combination.

Our 2.0 release is more customizable, more flexible and more interactive and simple enough to get started with in a matter of minutes.

Portal 2.0 Demos

Here are demos of our portal in action with dark and light themes. The portal can be customized with an unlimited number of pages containing any combination of widgets that interact with each other. The widgets and portal is built in HTML 5 and fully responsive.

Widgets 2.0 Demo

Here are some of our widgets that can be embedded anywhere on a site. Visit our documentation for more information and a complete list. Use the dropdowns to see more examples:

A basic chart with a quote

A basic chart with a quote

Portal and Widgets Embedded Demo

Here is a demo site we created using our widgets and portal

Customization Demo

Here is an interactive custom Top Movers page:

Interactive Top Movers